S H E I L A    C A L L A G H A N

playwright, etc.

This play is not published.

Full-length Play, No Intermission
Minimal Set
5M, 4F

An eclectic group of vacationing cruise-shippers form an intimate temporary community and, untethered from the baggage of past or future, become entangled in a mysterious and disturbing ritual.

Through a multi-disciplinary amalgamation of dance, dialogue, and story, POSH explores the fine line between luxury and decadence in contemporary American consumer culture, where the relationship between one's public persona and the private, personal search for authenticity and awareness must be navigated in the rarified, temporary space of the cruise vacation. The question remains, how far will one go to wake up?

A co-commission between foolsFURY and the Playwrights Foundation.

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